This Fierce Motherhood | A New Motherhood Page, it’s Success & the Story Why I Created It

Happy Friday everybody! Welcome back to my blog!

I am here today to share the story why I started the Instagram page, This Fierce Motherhood. I know that some of you had no idea that I started a new motherhood page, well first off it took me so many days if I should get on with it and last July, I’ve finally made one, read ahead if you want to find out more! ❤️

There are loads of motherhood pages on Instagram, what I love about them is that each page is unique. Everyone has their own story to tell, each story is pretty much relatable, all of the captured moments are best shared with the world. I have been featured into several of them and I must say that it feels amazing when you get to be featured because everyone feels the same way you do and they’d all be like, “You’re not alone, mama!” or comment something like, “Such a sweet photo!” those are the many things that I adore about the Instagram mom community — you are never alone.

I was such a big fan of all the motherhood pages that right then and there I thought, “why don’t I start a page of my own?” but before that, it took a lot of inspirations and long nights thinking about what should I name my page. Just so you know, when I said “loads of motherhood pages” it meant about a hundred! Every username possible was taken, I got intimidated as well because there are pages with huge following and most Instagram moms would tag a very popular mama page; however, I was so determined to create one and so I winged it! One night, the word “fierce” just came out of nowhere and that’s when I knew that I have a username for my page the next day. The next morning, I was creating a new page. I made This Fierce Motherhood and spread the word about it. Surprisingly, it didn’t turned out so bad. In fact, few of my mommy friends started to follow the page minutes after it went live. Just a few days later, someone tagged the page on one of her photos and that’s the start of our page’s history.

For the first week of the page, I was running it all by myself. I post almost every single day or I post whenever I have my free time. It was really tough because for all I know the kind of page that I made needs like 3-4 people running it including me & the rest are the moderators/MODs that will help out with all of the postings. So, I swallowed my pride because who was I kidding, right? I can’t run the page all alone. I had to post through Instagram stories about how I needed MODs for the page & surprisingly, there were two mamas who noticed it & offered their time to help me. The first two MODs that I had was Megan & Jen. Who were both very helpful with everything; Megan had a lot of experience with running a page & she was the one who educated us about how to grow the page, how do we get more engagements and so on. While Jen was very active with the suggestions as well as the postings. In just a short amount of time that they were my MODs, This Fierce Motherhood was all over Instagram! Everyone seem to use the new hashtag #thisfiercemotherhood it was crazy and I was so overwhelmed with everything that was happening over the first month of the page. By the time that we were about to hit about a hundred followers on the page, I had to recruit another moderator. By then I’ve received a message from Jamie who was willing to help us with all of the work that should be done for the page. It was so fun having to work with all of them, everyone was so committed to make our page a success. For the love of all fierce mamas, our page has about 150 followers now; I know that it’s not a lot but I’m just so happ about it and I love how everyone’s tagging us on their fierce motherhood moments! ❤️

Along the success of the page, I’ve also encountered a girl mom like me, Katie she’s the admin for B1 with Moms. She was the one who told me to get all the help that I needed for the page, to recruit moderators. So yes, I owe it all to Katie!

The last moderator that we recruited on the team (because Megan & Jen had to leave due to personal reasons) is Sarah. I love having Sarah on the team, because she has tons of fresh ideas too. Just in case you’re all wondering, we’re now only three running the page: me, Jamie & Sarah. We are looking into finding another one MOD soon, cos everyone seems to be pretty busy these days but we’re still very active on the daily postings!

One of the best part about creating this page along with my MODs is that everyone gets to be featured too. I was so surprised that even huge motherhood pages would include us on their daily posts, accounts like B1 With Moms, Badasss Parents & so on. I am so grateful for them as well because it was such a huge help on promoting the page & not too mention that they were so nice to do such thing for us. That only means that there’s no competition around the community, it’s all about the support that we can give to one another.

Parenting is so hard & challenging already and all we can do is to be kind to one another, it keeps being hard every day but seeing all these parents especially mamas all around the world sharing extraordinary moments, makes it bearable, these photos that I’ve included on this post are just the few ones that we’ve already featured on our page, they are personally my favorites!

That’s a wrap for this post. I hope that you enjoyed reading this & if you’re a mom who loves to share your motherhood moments on Instagram, follow & tag us on your beautiful photos! I had a great time writing everything about this and let me just say that I am very much proud of myself for taking a massive step & creating a new page, I am proud of everyone who had worked for the page too. You’re all a peach!

Click the link below for our page, we’ll see you there!


Tons of love from your fierce mama,

Mary x

What are your thoughts about This Fierce Motherhood? Would love to hear them below on the comments!

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17 thoughts on “This Fierce Motherhood | A New Motherhood Page, it’s Success & the Story Why I Created It

  1. What a fab post, being a slightly older mum I do find it difficult getting to know other mummies. What a fab group of people you have behind you and a fab concept. Lively photos. I’ll have to check it out now xx


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