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Happy Sunday, y’all! Welcome to my newest blog content/series about Toddler Fashion/OOTD. I often share Samantha’s outfits on my Instagram whenever we go out during weekends and so I thought, it will be fun if I start this series over here too. To start off, let me tell you about how I usually dress my toddler.

Samantha looks absolutely amazing in everything— dresses paired with flats or wedges/printed blouses paired with black leggings & statement sandals, well you know how that list goes. Oh before I forget, she owns a fur vest that I am totally obsessed about and she looked like a little Miranda Priestly on that one. I love dressing her up, I mean who doesn’t? Having baby girls are so fun and at the same time they take away all of your money because— those cute boots & dresses are to die for! I never thought I’d be blogging about my daughter’s outfits but here I am anyway.

She’s in her element, I told her to model for me. Even though she keeps on running away from the backdrop that I chose for her outfit, I can tell she loves being photographed!

Her blouse and sneakers are both from F&F Clothing. Which was sent to us by my Aunt who lives in Colchester, UK. When I was younger, she’d also give me clothes from the same brand and I’ve always been a fan of it; however, I never knew that they have shoes as well!

Don’t you just love those little blue sneakers?

I used to make her wear a lot of dresses this year, but for now I really am into this kind of outfits for her: cute blouses, black leggings & a pair of sandals/sneakers.

She’s turning 2 next month, but she has the modelling skill of an 18 year old. I need her to stop growing, right?

She always have the best outfits ever. I swear she has better clothes than me and it’s fine because that’s what #momlife is all about, right? I have plenty of clothes myself but she has way more now & she keeps on getting more and more. #brokemom

I hope you enjoyed the first entry for this series! Let us know what would you want to see next and your thoughts on this post below!

Outfit details
Blouse & sneakers from F&F Kids
Leggings from Carters


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