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Greetings! I’m Mary. The girl behind this blog, MARYCHRONICLES! I’m a new lifestyle blogger from Manila — I’ve recently transitioned from being a personal blogger into a mommy & lifestyle blogger.

That being said, I’m a twenty-something mom to a beautiful baby named Samantha, a wife-to-be to Wilberto Jr. and a barista by profession. I’m a lover of all things classic, vintage, pretty and digital. I write and share my thoughts about motherhood, beauty & lifestyle.


As I was creating this blog January this year, I was thinking about a word or something that would actually sound good with my first name, which is Mary; and the word, “chronicles” just came out of the blue. That’s when MARYCHRONICLES was born.

Enjoy reading my writings and ramblings about the things that I truly love!

*All opinions are always my own. If I were to work or collaborate with a brand, I will absolutely make it clear that it’s a sponsored post or the product(s) mentioned are gifted to me.*

I’m pretty active and a lot cooler on Twitter & on Instagram so you can follow me there!

For more info & collaborations, please do contact me here: mjcagadas3@gmail.com

Enjoy your stay & see you around!