Mom & Daughter Fashion | Plains and Prints

You've probably seen us in so many outfits, we wear almost everything — from dresses, leggings, blouses, classic & staple clothes & even a few high fashion pieces too (like that Zara fur vest that Samantha owns 🤷🏻‍♀️) But I bet you've barely seen us in twinning outfits, that's because I think it's mainstream and … Continue reading Mom & Daughter Fashion | Plains and Prints


La Vie en Rose

After a long time of being MIA here on my blog, I AM FINALLY BACK! You might think this is just a temporary "I am back" but let me just tell you that it's not. I've been wanting to create something new for you guys but for some reason, I wasn't motivated enough. But hey, … Continue reading La Vie en Rose