Toddler Fashion: Vintage Lover

How’s it going loves? I’m back with another post today and y’all know what it is! We went out the other day because it’s been ages since we hang out together. Of course, a fun mom & daughter date wouldn’t be complete without a few outfit snaps, right?

Here’s my little girl looking so pretty as always, wearing a 1980s-inspired dress. I have a feeling that y’all ask if this one could be made into adult sizes, because I’d definitely wear something like this too!

Don’t you just adore her sandals? It’s been a while since she’s worn it and I’m so glad it does match her vintage dress.

Not many of you know this but Samantha has a huge thing for mirrors (of course, she’s a tot!) she’s very vain just like me and would totally laugh like hell whenever she sees her reflection– the girl admires herself way too much!

See what I mean? She makes weird, “pa-cute” faces in front of it!

Another one! Haha! Whenever Sammy does this, I’d totally imagine how is it like if she had a twin; in fact, I even came up with a name for her own reflection + imaginary twin, Serena Kate. JEEZ. It would totally be my very own The Parent Trap & The Princess Switch!

I love this vintage-y dress on her, it’s one of Sammy’s favorite too! She kept saying it has flowers on it and that she loves it. Well, you know where she got her taste for dresses! #littlefashionista

“Mom, I’m trying to shop for my baby cologne. Stop taking snaps!”

Seriously, it gets so hard taking snaps of this girl! I wish she could just stay still like a doll. Speaking of dolls, I’m sure if her hair was blonde, she’d definitely make the cut as one, right?

Boy, she’s gotten so big! *always sobbing*

Some photos I’ve taken at this playhouse where we usually hang out, she loves this mini Red Ferrari car!

One of the best shots I’ve taken out of everything that day. I friggin’ love that smile, that’s her heart warming, heart-melting smile that I’m absolutely living for every day!

So, there you have it my loves! I hope you enjoyed this week’s Toddler Fashion. Thank you for stopping by!

Do you love Samantha’s vintage dress? What do you think about this week’s Toddler Fashion? Let us know on the comments below!



Outfits details

Vintage dress from Next UK

White socks from TU Clothing

Sandals from Old Navy

20 thoughts on “Toddler Fashion: Vintage Lover

  1. The skirt part of the dress reminds me of the ‘ra-ra’ skirts I wore in the eighties, although we didn’t have nice floral patterns like this dress… Just nasty bright colours and spots!
    Sammy looking adorable as always – enjoy this age, they grow so fast!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, that totally reminds me of the 80s too! ❀️ I surely will, it’s pretty crazy how it suddenly feels like I’m running out of time, it’s too quick!!! Thank you so much for reading this one, Polly! Xx


  2. Your girl has sunshine smile – I love it! I get dress envy many times with my own girl:) next make such lovely things for little girls that I wish they did in grown-up sizes too. Lilach has a next dress I call the Jane Austen dress because it’s vintagy and lovely – and I swear I would wear it if they made it for ladies too.


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