Face Talk: Sunnies Face Fluffmatte + Glowboss Review + Swatches

Hey there beauties, time for another post this week which I am so excited to share with all of you! I’m here today to talk about the newest make-up brand here in the Philippines *throws gold confetti everywhere* Sunnies Face!

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Photo from Sunnies Face’s Instagram
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Photo from Sunnies Face’s Instagram

Well-loved Filipino brand Sunnies, which created Sunnies Studios, Sunnies Specs, Sunnies Café & Sunnies Specs Kids has officially ventured into the make-up/beauty scene. Last August, they’ve launched their newest baby called Sunnies Face— a week prior to it’s launched everyone was buzzing. That includes me of course, because I have been a fan for so many years! ❤️

we proudly present to you fluffmatte—a weightless modern matte lipstick  what gu7310975134812342368..jpg
Photo from Sunnies Face’s Instagram

The first beauty product that Sunnies Face had launch are called the Fluffmattes which are lipsticks & they’ve launched 9 beautiful shades to choose from which they claim to be “universally flattering” and suits all skin tones! Here’s a short description of it from their website:

“Fluffmatte is a weightless modern matte lipstick formulated with silk-structure technology to give you that second skin feel. Each shade is designed to be universally flattering and easy to apply with one quick swipe.”

9 Universally Flattering Shades by Sunnies Face
nudist _lips_ vacay _lips_ baked _lips_ milkshake _lips_ girl crush _lips_ hot sauce _lips_ major _lips_ 1436596937291887436134..jpg
Photo from Sunnies Face’s Instagram
2018-12-19 116165793772338133431..jpg
Photo by MJ Cagadas
2018-12-19 117665282510962112574..jpg
Photo by MJ Cagadas
Photo by MJ Cagadas
2018-12-19 115412632101043030949..jpg
Photo by MJ Cagadas
2018-12-19 116042823722951493880..jpg
Photo by MJ Cagadas

All Fluffmattes retails at 345 pesos each and you get 3.2 grams in each bullet. I have been dying to get my hands on the Fluffmattes since it’s launch and I’ve waited months to buy them! I’ve only chose my top 3 favorites out of all the 9 shades: Major (most perfect cool red) Milkshake (warm pink nude) & Vacay (peachy papaya) now, I’m going to show you guys the swatches that I made of my favourite shades!

Photo by MJ Cagadas

Now, I’ve worn every shade on several occasions, feel free to have a look!

My personal favourite, Major ❤️ I’m a huge fan of red lipsticks because it suits me a lot. I have never loved a red lippie as much as I love Major, it’s a game changer and I love how beautifully red it is. It’s the kind of red that is so classy and I honestly think that it’s something Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn would wear!

Me wearing Vacay— I never thought I’d love this shade as well. I always thought peachy shades/tones like this would never suit me but hell, I am slayin’ this one! I love how warm it looks on me, it feels like I’m going on a beach trip when I have this one on.

Last is the milkshake. I’m also a fan of pink lipsticks and this lipstick is by far has the best nudish pink in it! What I really dig about milkshake is how it gives me this girl next door look, like a sweet girl vibe that sort of thing. Also, it’s not the kind of pink that is intimidating! It’s such a sweet pink shade!


2018-12-19 116164836983035675549..jpg
Photo by MJ Cagadas

– I love how sleek and minimalist the packaging is, it’s very well thought out. Don’t even get me started with the face illustration on the box. The bullet itself feels heavy and expensive, it’s also dirt proof. Note that the ones that I have is the holiday edition, the original packaging is in a cream/beige like tube.
– it’s paraben free and cruelty-free, so check!
it’s super soft & pigmented, it really gives you that “your lips are better” look
– it’s matte but not a drying one, lightweight, feels likes velvety butter on the lips.
I love how they’re multi-stick! You can use it as an eyeshadow and blush.I personally love wearing Major and Vacay all over my face!
– they’re available on all online outlets: Lazada, Shopee, Zalora & Beauty MNL.

– they sold out pretty much all the freaking time, cos again.. the hype is real!
staying power is poor. Although they never promised that the Fluffmattes would stay for a long period of time, but I can guarantee you that it will last for about 2-3 hours without eating and drinking!

Moving on to my newest favorite beauty product, also from Sunnies Face— the Glowboss! Glowboss was launched just last week and it got me so excited because I knew there’s definitely more make up coming right in from Sunnies Face; here’s the description of their latest product:

“Glowboss is a multipurpose shimmer stick with a unique cream-to-powder formula that suits all skin types and climates.

It’s sheer shimmer can give you a subtle glow during the day or some extra glam at night. It comes in three flattering colors that bring warmth to the skin.

Foolproof and easy to apply on-the-go, Glowboss was made for every day—for daytime, nighttime, all the time.”

Photo from Sunnies Face’s Instagram

Unlike the Fluffmattes that has 9 shades to choose from, the Glowboss only has three shades namely: Hey, Girl (a pearly champagne shade) Femme (the peachy coral with gold flecks) and last is the Mamacita (a golden bronze) The Glowboss retails at 445 each.

Out of all the 3 shades, I only purchased the Mamacita. Because I am really drawn to golden bronze tones because they give me that sun-kissed look which I totally love!

Voila! Your very own golden goddess! I know you can’t really make out that golden bronze shade on my face because I didn’t put too much of the Mamacita. I love how this one looks subtle and yet it really gives you that glassy/dewy glow.


– I love the packaging of course, it’s straightforward and the product’s tagline: “you dew you” is just so witty!
– It looks so natural, as if you didn’t put anything on your face; also, I love how it compliments my skin type. I have an oily + combination skin, I thought this isn’t for me but it just exceeded my expectations for a highlighter/shimmer stick.
– it gives you that IT Girl vibe and model on the go glow!
not tacky, it’s blendable and buildable!
– easy to apply, doesn’t smudge your make up and it’s not a blinding kind of highlighter which is I TOTALLY FREAKIN LOVE!
– versatile like the Fluffmattes, the Glowboss Trio can also be used as a blush (I heard Femme is perfect for that!) and can be used as an eyeshadow too, I’ve been using Mamacita on my lids and it looks amazing! ❤️

if you’re an excessive user of shimmer sticks/highlighters, this product is not for you because if you apply too much and go overboard with this product, it doesn’t look dewy anymore and people would be able to tell that you’ve got some kind of glitters/specks all over your face.
– the hype is real with this one too! It’s sold out on all online outlets except on Beauty MNL.

Alright, you lovelies I know that was pretty long! I wanted to do an honest and thorough review about these products because everyone as in literally everyone is hyping them! A lot of beauty vloggers/bloggers, influencers, models are talking about them, they have been featured in several beauty magazines and loads of people are using them so that’s that. I hope this review had helped you out if ever you’re going to purchase the Fluffmatte or the Glowboss or even both!


Sunnies Face Official Website

Sunnies Face on Lazada

Sunnies Face on Shopee

Sunnies Face on Zalora

Sunnies Face on BEAUTY MNL

Sunnies Face Stores at Glorietta 1, U.P. Town Center & SM Megamall Beauty Section (near Watson’s)

Do you like Sunnies Face? What are your thoughts about these products? Do you own any of these, too? Let me know on the comments below!

Tons of love,

*This is not a sponsored post, I’ve bought these products online and at Sunnies Face myself and all opinions are my own*

27 thoughts on “Face Talk: Sunnies Face Fluffmatte + Glowboss Review + Swatches

  1. This looks like such a nice brand! I love all of those lipstick shades. Especially the major one! It really suits you. It’s a shame they don’t last long, but they look really good!! I like the glowboss too. It’s such a pretty colour.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really is! They got everyone hooked from the first day they launched the line! Thank you so much, Kate. My love for red lipstick had totally changed since I met Major ❤️ I hear the brand is working on shipping their products worldwide as well.


  2. Love your review Mary! (missed you:) ) I didn’t know this brand but will look for it online because i LOVE the milkshake shade – it looks like a great one for daily use. I’m crazy about reds too – but I need to be in a brave mood to wear them:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Madi!!!!! OMG it’s been a long time!!!! I’ve missed seeing your comments 🙈🙈 this brand is based here in the Philippines, but I heard they’re working on shipping their products worldwide! I’ll let you know when they are shopping in other countries other than Philippines. Oh gosh, you should really get one of each shades! Milkshake is my everyday lipstick these days xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Everything from Nudist to Baked look exactly like my perfect shade range! I tend to stick with pinky nudes, and those are so pretty. This brand sounds lovely x


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! And I hope they’d launch new shades, maybe atleast 3 shades? Because I completely disagree with the universally flattering stuff, for example the nudist, it’s not a shade for someone na morena because it would not look good on them at all! 😦 oh, I might get Girl Crush too, it’s a pretty shade as well. Thank you so much, Dawn! I’m so glad you liked my review! xx


  4. It is nice to read an honest review of something that isn’t sponsored. No shade! It doesn’t mean that reviews are dishonest, but some are and it is nice to know that there is no benefit from saying you dis/like it. I liked your pros and cons. I love the red lipstick and the milkshake on you. They are all pretty on you but those really make your skin look superb.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve never done a sponsored post before, even if I would in the future, it would be like this too. I love this brand so much, but of course, we can’t be peachy keen all the time. Every product has it’s pros and cons! So glad you liked my review, girly! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Love this review Mary!! I absolutely love the packaging on these products, ahhh its so minimalist and aesthetically pleasing! I am loving the look of the Glowboss, that is something I would buy for sure, I love the shades that it comes in! Thanks so much for sharing this otherwise I probably wouldn’t of known about it! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  6. This range looks so interesting!! I love the shade range! The shades that you choose look really good on you! I love the look of the highlighters too!!x

    Linda || Lindaroche.blogspot.com


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