Get to Know Me Tag

Aloha, babies! I'm back with a new postβ€” a blog tag which I'm so happy to write about! I've got nothing to write these past few days so I thought it'd be nice to get on with this and share it with all of you! My lovely blogger friend Angela of Hiding Behind Books had … Continue reading Get to Know Me Tag


November Photodiary

Hello, earthlings! I'm back with another post today and it's the time of the month when I share my favorite snaps! Just a short recap of how November went: I officially have a two year old bestie, who means the whole world to me and is the most beautiful soul I've ever met! Time is … Continue reading November Photodiary

Current Obsessions: Bath Essentials, Skincare & Make-Up

It's been so long since my last Current Obsessions post! 4 months to be exact, I've missed gathering around my skincare & beauty stuffβ€” I've missed writing about it too. I'm so excited to share them with you guys, so let's get this over with! Not everyone know this but even though I don't post … Continue reading Current Obsessions: Bath Essentials, Skincare & Make-Up