Mom and Daughter Fashion: Polka Dot Love

Hello, lovelies! It’s officially December and I know some of you are already buzzing for this month’s festivities and family reunions, which I am totally looking forward to every Christmas! πŸŽ„β˜ƒοΈ
I am here today to spice things up again with another Mom and Daughter Fashion, it’s been a month since I’ve posted, right? Brace yourselves for some cuteness ahead!

Here we are, back at it with our average matchy polka dot outfits! I’ve been dying to do this outfit post for a while now; ever since Samantha got this cute frilled polka dot top from Zara, I had to go and buy one with the same design for myself too! I told you my outfit is always based on what my daughter wears! #bossbaby

We were at the province last weekend to celebrate my baby sister’s 1st birthday, so that explains the “earthy” backdrops! πŸ’š

Here’s Sammy wearing my sunglasses, which she had learned how to say properly that day. She calls it “sunnies” and p.s. she doesn’t say it in toddler version πŸ™‚

She’s such a little lady! ❀️

Of course birthday parties aren’t complete without fooood!!! Hotdogs & marshmallows on stick was her favorite!

A closer look of Samantha’s outfit, don’t you just love this frilled polka dot top? I’m seriously envious of it!

Photos by the lake. Now, this has been our go-to background whenever we were at the province. I mean come on, this lake is massive & is surrounded with beautiful trees. Perfect for photo-ops!

My not so little girl anymore!!! 😭 I love this shot so much! ❀️

Mummy & Sammy selfie, of course!!! πŸ’•

In case you are wondering why Samantha’s face looks like that, she kept on saying “fish” by the time we got into the nearby lake because she saw it was all water. She’s such a clever girl! ❀️

Also, I’d like to introduce someone who is so dear to us, my future sister in law Ate Geraldhine! ❀️ She takes amazing photos and this wasn’t the first time that she’s helped me with my blog photos! I love you to bits, thank you Ate!!! πŸ’•

My little girl wonder! ❀️

Forever holding this girl’s hand! #besties

And that’s a wrap for today’s Mom & Daughter Fashion, I hope you guys enjoyed this oneβ€” I am definitely posting another one before or after Christmas so you have to watch out for that! As always, thank you for your time & see you on my next post!

Outfit details


Polka dot top from The Landmark

Jeans from H&M

Sandals from SM Parisian

Sunglasses from Sunnies Studios (Winona in Soldier Full)

Frilled polka dot top from Zara Baby

Leggings from Old Navy

Ballet flats from F&F Clothing


21 thoughts on “Mom and Daughter Fashion: Polka Dot Love

  1. ommggg love the matching tops so cute!!! Its so funny that Sam calls sunglasses ‘sunnies’ as everyone in Australia calls them that all the time haha, I guess we can’t be bothered saying the whole word because we’re lazy! Love these posts so much!! xx

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