Toddler Diaries: A Day in a Life with Samantha (Weekends)

Hi my lovelies! Another week, another round of blog posts huh? Today’s blog post is totally different from what I have been writing all month, I’ve been wanting to write about this for so long & I’m so glad that I’ve got the chance to share this with you all today!

Now to start off, this is not an everyday kind of “Day in a Life” like the ones that you watch on YouTube vlogs and stuff, this is the kind of Day in a Life that typically happens during weekends only because it’s the only time of the week that I’ll get to have Samantha all to myself for whole two days– if you’re curious how our weekends usually go, keep reading!


Weekend mornings are my favorite mornings, obviously. As early as 6-7AM, Samantha is wide awake and she’s practically our mini alarm clock! #toddlers

Sammy loves to cuddle, talk & sing for 5 minutes while I collect my thoughts or scroll through social media before we get up. After that, I’d change last night’s nappies & would tell her to try and wake up Daddy. Daddy’s always the last one to wake up because he usually gets home at 12 midnight.

By the time Daddy’s awake, they’d go for a walk & buy breakfast while I am left at home making sure that the whole place is spotless before we have breakfast together.

When they’re out for like 10-20 minutes or so, I usually fill up our kettle, heat water for Samantha’s bath & get her clothes ready for the day.

10 to 20 minutes later, they arrive with our yummy breakfast and we eat together.

After having breakfast, we’d go along with Samantha’s bath and boy the girl loves water so her morning bath lasts for about 10 minutes!

9AM-2PM: This is usually the time when I have to make sure that Sam is ready to have her morning nap before we take a bath & do the house chores. Samantha doesn’t have a consistent nap time during the day and she only sleeps once right now, (IT’S DRIVING ME FUCKING NUTS! #sendhelp) she sleeps at 10am-12nn or 11am-2pm. During those hours, I’d do the household chores as quiet as possible because Sammy is a light sleeper! And those are the only hours that I get to finish writing a blog post, talk to other bloggers on social media, eat lunch and so on. If we’re going out on a Saturday/Sunday, when Samantha is still sleeping, I usually get our stuff ready as well and spend time thinking which outfit she’ll wear for that day’s content shoot.

3-4PM: We’re out and about shooting content and we usually go to the same spots for photos or if I discovered a new background for Samantha’s outfit, we’d go there as well. This is also the time we’d pop in at Soban Restaurant where our baby Daddy is working, you guys, we always go there during weekends and we enjoy it so much because we’d get to have that family time even if it’s just for an hour!

Also, if we still have time after taking outfit photos and visiting Daddy, I’d bring Samantha to a play place because she loves playing with other toddlers & loves to make new friends. (even though others are mean to her!)

We’ll be home around 6-7pm just in time for Samantha’s bedtime. Sometimes when she’s super exhausted, she’d go to sleep straight away but when she’s not, we’ll play for a little bit and she sleeps before 9pm.

I spend rest of the night editing the photos I’ve taken during our shoot & it also includes writing & proof reading my blog post to be scheduled the next day. After that, I’d go on a #NetflixAndChill mode and I usually just sleep at about 10pm or even later. That’s how our Saturdays goes.


Our Sundays are usually spent pretty much the same with how we spend our Saturdays together, but we don’t usually go out. We stay at home to play, eat, read books and of course we’d go for a nice stroll and have our favorite ice cream!

She loves ice cream way too much!

Sunday nights are probably one of those nights that I don’t want to end because it’s Monday the next day and y’all know that weekend is totally over!

Before going to bed, we usually read baby books together. I’m totally raising a nerd here and I’m so happy that Samantha has so much love for books while she’s young. ❀️

Samantha’s current top picks of all her baby books right now would be the books that has Alphabet & numbers on them, Peppa Plays Football & Finding Nemo storybook!

And that my friends is how our weekends go with our little tot!

I hope you had a great time reading this and as always, thank you for your time & see you on my next post!

Tons of love,


18 thoughts on “Toddler Diaries: A Day in a Life with Samantha (Weekends)

  1. So cute! Sounds like you have a lot of fun with each other. Well done for managing to get stuff sorted for your blog in between everything else! And thank you for sharing your weekend activities with us all 😊 X

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  2. Wow Samantha wakes up early!! Dang haha πŸ˜„ seems like your weekends are jam packed full of activities! She is such an adorable girl and I love the way you put up her hair!! I’m sorry the other kids are mean to her, she looks like the sweetest little girl!! πŸ˜” Hope she gets a more consistent nap time!! πŸ˜‚

    Geraldine |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes she is and I call her our “alarm clock” these days! I love weekends so much and we make the most out of it; nahh, Sammy doesn’t mind those other kids, she’d happily walk away from them and play on her own instead!
      Aww thank you so much lovely! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. She wakes so early!! It sounds like a really busy weekend, but it’s so nice to spend time together! She looks like a really lovely little girl! You must be very proud ❀️

    Liked by 1 person

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