July Photodiary

Hello, everybody! I hope you’re doing so well this weekend! It’s time for us to share our favorite snaps for the whole month of July!

This month had been so amazing to us and as always, I am taking photos every where we go and no matter what occasion it is! So, yeah I won’t keep you reading.

Here are my favorites for July!

My little girl with her new navy blue ribbon dress. The day she insisted to climb up the stairs and I am just so proud of her!

Looking for her imaginary twin again!

Us in our sorta matching outfits!

Morning smiles

She has a thing for gates, I guess?

Just another outfit mirror selfie

Photos from our first visit at our favorite & go-to playplace, Kidzoona!

Never be without our family selfie!


My happy girl, pushing around these carts at Uniqlo!

Belle of the Ball Pit

The real kids at this playplace

Our second time at Kidzoona.

Anyone wants some ice cream? IT’S FREE!

Welcome home dinner for our Aunt & her two kids & a family photo-op.

Always love having family around!

Welcome home, mamita! Thank you for my new dresses!

Just us taking a cute selfie #TheBatucans

All of my favorite outfits/ootd’s of my little charmer & mini fashionista.

Favorite Gap jeans forever

A random flatlay, featuring my ootd and my favorite sunnies, Winona.

July outfit selfies! Always being extra.

Forever taking selfies like this. #extraextra

There you have it! I think I must have included so much photos for this month’s photodiary, because a lot has happened & your girl wouldn’t miss taking beautiful photos & selfies. Hope you all enjoyed this one!

Spill which photos you are obsessing about on this July Photodiary, I’d love to hear that one!

Til next time,



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