Mixtape Wednesdays

HAPPY HUMP DAY EVERYONE! It’s been a while since I’ve shared with you guys the music I’ve been obsessing about. As usual, whenever I have time to browse over on Spotify, I just search for the playlists that I want to have a listen and then, I’m good from there. As crazy as it may sound, I’ve been into KPop all over again for the past 3 weeks because my daughter loved MOMOLAND’S “BOOM BOOM” so, I figured she’ll love the other KPop artists/bands I’ve listened to 5 years ago. Surprisingly, she does love Girl’s Generation, EXO, SHINee & 2NE1! I’ve included the link from Spotify so you guys can have a listen from here or you can search for them on your Spotify app, so, here are the KPOP artists & their essential playlists that I’ve been listening to.

The next playlist that I am still so crazy about is the amazing soundtrack of The Vampire Diaries! You all know I just finished watching this series & ever since watching this series again, I have been hooked to it’s soundtrack too. I think I must have listen to a couple Spotify playlists that has the TVD soundtrack but what I’ve linked here below is the one that has the complete songs from the series. 🙂 if you were to ask me what are my favorite soundtrack from TVD, here are my Top 5 favorites!

1.) Hunger – Ross Copperman

2.) Never Say Never – The Fray

3.) Never Let Me Go -Florence + The Machine

4.) Skinny Love

5.) Hold On – Chord Overstreet

You can all find them on this playlist! Enjoy!

The next playlist is by yours truly, I think I’ve made this one early February of this year & I still listen to this one, almost everyday.. because it has all of my favorite music. From LANY, Frank Ocean, Drake, Little Mix, Kendrick Lamar & Justin Bieber, name it, you’ll hear everything from this playlist!

That’s it for my very first Mixtape Wednesdays, guys! Let me know which playlists you’ve been into lately on the comments below!





8 thoughts on “Mixtape Wednesdays

  1. I love playlist posts! It’s always a great way to find new music. I have never listened to kpop before (well, I’ve heard it around because it seems to be playing everywhere). I know if I was younger, I would be obsessed with it! I love your ‘top favourites’ playlist. Lots of songs on there that always end up on my playlists. I have a playlist where I put songs I’m loving at the moment, and once I get bored of a song, I remove it. It’s the best way to always have the best playlist. Looking forward to seeing more posts like this!

    Aycan // http://www.littlewhitesocks.com

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello, love! Aww this is such a sweet comment! It’s my first time to do this playlist post, kind of made out of boredom (didn’t have something to write at the moment!) but yeah, I think I’m gonna do this often. You definitely listen to KPop! I know you’ll love ’em too xx


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