Toddler Diaries: Samantha Noelle @ 17 Months

Hello everyone! Today, I’m sharing with you Samantha’s little milestones at 17 months! It hasn’t been that long when I started this blog series and it gets pretty exciting writing this down because my baby girl completely blows me away. It’s so beautiful seeing her little milestones!

I am over the clouds happy to share with you that Samantha CAN FINALLY WALK! I’m one proud momma right here! It took a while for her to learn how to walk all by herself, she used to hold my hand whenever I take her out for afternoon walks, but one fine summer day, she decided that she can walk without holding my hand. It’s tad heartbreaking for a mom like me that I still hold her whenever we go out. Trust me, it doesn’t wear off that easy!

I started to teach her the Alphabet letters and she seems to be enjoying it. She still loves browsing her baby books, she eats a lot, she has about 3-4 feedings a day and can finish a whole lot of 6oz of formula milk. I’ve also been teaching her body parts, mainly focusing on the face. She knows her eyes, ears, mouth and nose!

I also took her to a play place/play area and she absolutely loved it! I’m planning on taking her once or twice a month. I love taking her out, it’s always a mom & daughter date! This girl loves to play with other toddlers too. I already know that Samantha’s friendly at such a young age, I’m just so surprised on how she does it. She knows it when a kid is nice and she can sense it when one is bad news. Don’t know where she got it or who taught her that, but one thing’s for sure: she knows how to pick nice friends and she sticks with that crowd.

The supporting star of Samantha’s 17th month would be the NAP TRANSITION. I’ve already known that she was going through it at 16 months old but I was avoiding it, I’ve dealt with a lot of crazy stuff in my life but Samantha’s nap transition is definitely a lot crazier. Even though I was so calm while I secretly deal with it, it eventually got on my nerves and I didn’t know what to do.

Samantha used to take 3-4 naps a day. But when the transition came, she only naps about once or twice a day which drove me nuts. Not to mention she’d only have about an hour and a half kind of naps. Seeing her with tired eyes, going around, playing all day didn’t make it easier because I can’t believe she’s actually going through something like that and it seems so easy for her.

However, I’m happy about how my girl has been keeping up with all the transitions and what-not. She’s healthy and happy, that’s what really important these days. I don’t think I will get used to the fact that she’s getting so big anytime soon, I just wish that time will slow down a bit for us. I still want to savour every moment with her.

So, that’s pretty much all that I have to share with you guys! I hope you that you did enjoyed this another installment of the Toddler Diaries series!

Til next time,
Mary x


14 thoughts on “Toddler Diaries: Samantha Noelle @ 17 Months

  1. Ho how I use to miss the naps when my kids stopped having those:) I LOVED that quiet time I got when they would nap. On the bright side now that they are a little bit older and can keep themselves busy – I can take a nap myself while they play i the house:) she is so sweet, that age is so much fun.

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    1. Her nap transition is driving me mad! But then again, they are only little for a little while! I’ll definitely miss this toddler age, Madi! #sendhelp thanks so much for reading!


  2. The cutest little family! I love it! ❀ It's always so fun reading about what you've been up to and seeing your little girl in your posts! You're the best mommy ❀


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