April Favorites | Stuff That’s Making Me Happy

Happy weekend, everyone! I’m back and I’m here to share with you few of my favorites from last month.

April had come by way too quick and my skin wasn’t that good for some reason, I’ve had acne here and there. I got rid of it, but the dark spots & some blemishes doesn’t seem to go away. So, here’s what I’ve been using for my skin lately.. if you have combination skin like me, carry on reading!

2018-05-04 097749853975332780767..jpgYou’ve probably had seen this from my February Favorites. Well, I’ve been using this one ever since. But then, I’ve discovered that I don’t have dry skin, I have an oily, acne-prone skin.. which is a bust because most of my skincare products are for dry skin; like my St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Moisturizer. It contains safflower seed oil, which mainly don’t help with my skin type but I have been using this lately because I’ve noticed that it kind of got rid of the fine lines around my eyes. I haven’t even gone through half of the tub, I’m on my mid-20s so it’s high target for me to have fine lines and wrinkles already. I’m so glad I didn’t put this one away.

Next, is Garnier’s Light Complete 12H Shine-Free Whitening Serum Cream. I am fully aware about the steps of a good skincare routine, but then I’ve realized that I don’t have a product that helps me protect my skin from harmful rays of the sun. You bet I am overreacting, but guys, the weather here in Manila is crazy hot. That’s why I needed extra protection for my skin, I usually use this in the morning before I put my make up on. I super love this cream because it lighten some of the acne marks that I had too and I can never live without this one anymore because I am completely oil-free throughout the day. What a lifesaver, right? πŸ˜„

Forever a #PondsGirl! This Pond’s Clear Solutions Facial Scrub with Herbal Clay is perfect for my skin type and it really does prevents massive breakouts like the one that I had before I started using this precious thing. πŸ’“

Saw this cute little sachet at a local drugstore last month and I was dying to try it out! Everyone seems to be hooked on iWhite Korea products these days. I mean, I can’t blame them because their products are crazy good for the skin! iWhite Korea Vitamin Sleeping Gel Mask claims to “feed and nourish the skin overnight resulting for a healthy, glowing skin” and it sure does, sweet peas! I apply this before I go to bed every night and wash it off with warm water in the morning.. and voila! My skin’s looking a lot healthier and glowing! πŸ˜‰

If you hadn’t noticed already, I’ve opted to use these skincare products in sachets because I need to be careful with what I really use. I must say that I really had an awful time dealing with breakouts here and there. So far, they’re all working out for my skin! Better safe than sorry, right?

Ever Bilena Lip & Cheek Stain in Splash Red. I’m probably one of those people who thinks that “powder blushes works better for me until I found the best cheek tint ever” yes, I am one ’em. I really used to think powder blushes works perfect for my oily skin but it doesn’t. It wears off after a few hours. With this baby girl right here, I could go all day with what I call my “mestiza, na-arawan lang” look. I haven’t tried using it on my lips though, but I bet it works the same way it does for my cheeks! ☺️Ever Bilena Studio Finish Foundation Stick in Miel. I hate to admit that I got tired of using my favorite BB cream ever since I started using this one again. I’ve used this one before and I really think it’s amazing because it does gave me a light to medium coverage which I love cos it conceals my blemishes. One thing I don’t like about this one though is that it could really look cakey if you put so much on. Nonetheless, it’s the best foundation stick for me!Nivea Soft Moisturizer. I swear I thought I’d never buy this pretty thing, then again, I had to try it! Who doesn’t love this? I can’t express my feelings towards this cream because it smells so damn good, it’s not tacky on the skin either, unlike the original Nivea one plus it has vitamin E! Isn’t that just amazing? I don’t just apply this all over my face but also on my body!Giovanni Valentino Leather Bag. Would you believe it if I say that I got this one from a thrift shop and cost me only 50 pesos? Oh dear, believe me, because it’s true! The first time I saw this one, it’s love at first sight (for a bag!! πŸ˜‚) and IT’S RED! My favorite color ❀️ so I bought it at such a steal price!Last and definitely not the least.. is my new Android phone. My Huawei Nova 2 Lite! 🀳❀️ Having my Nova 2 Lite has made everything a lot better. Two things I really am after for a smartphone is of course, it’s camera and the battery life. I blog, so I take loads of pictures all the time. Be it for my blog or for my social media, I can’t live without this anymore! I enjoy taking photos with it’s 13MP + 2MP rear camera and it’s 8MP front cam. The bokeh effect is what makes it all fun to take pictures, I feel like a pro honestly! The battery life is pretty dope too, I don’t have to charge it for how many times in a day. I only charge it once or twice a day and it’s all honky dory! ☺️

That concludes my April favorites! I hope you had fun reading my favorites. Now, I wanna know yours! So keep the comments going!



10 thoughts on “April Favorites | Stuff That’s Making Me Happy

  1. You had some great finds this month Mary, glad you got to a skin care routine you feel is working for you. I love sleeping masks, I am going to order a bunch KB ones, now that it’s full blown summer here and my skin need a little more TLC. Great post:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, my skin’s been really touchy lately. It’s not that really good but I got rid of acne and the acne marks too, I think the weather’s got something to do with it since I have oily skin and the heat is just crazy out here! It causes a lot of skin damage issues lol yes, our skin needs a lot of protection during summer! Thanks so much for your time reading & commenting! xx


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