The Versatile Blogger Award

Hi lovely bloggers! Hope everyone’s having a great & productive week — I’m having an amazing week myself. Because I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by my lovely girl blogger friend Francesca it’s such an honor to be part of all of this. I’ve only been part of this community for about 2 weeks and everyone’s so nice, warm & most especially, very supportive. I’m so thankful that I’ve made friends with all of you beautiful bloggers. Francesca this is deeply appreciated!

The Rules:

⁃ Write 7 interesting facts about yourself.

⁃ Nominate 15 amazing bloggers for the award.

Btw I’m writing this on the spot so if you read something that might be off, please know that I did not proofread it. (Sorry! *winks*)

1.) I’m a huge Harry Potter fan.I’m sure you’re all guessing that I might be gay or so close to being gay. Well, I’m not gay you guys. Hehe! I’ve been reading HP since I was like 8 years old. I find it really fascinating. The movies are really great too but I like the books even more. I read the books first; except for HP & the Half-Blood Prince, I’ve seen the movie first. Plus, I kind of like want to start collecting some Harry Potter goodies (like locket, time turner, necklace etc) available at FullyBooked (it’s a local bookstore/shop here in the Philippines) I’ll let you guys know if I have some anyway or I’ll probably write about it!

2.) I love vintage.I honestly think that I’m born on the wrong era/generation. I barely dress up according to fashion trends and all that stuff. I think trends are so short-lived and the clothes are pretty expensive compared to classic pieces. 2.1) I’ve always wanted to take photos through a vintage Polaroid camera! People these days would prefer buying Fujifilm Instax camera etc. I’ve thought about buying one of those too but nothing beats the vintage camera!

3.) I’m a frustrated artist — frustrated actress & singer. Yes, you’ve read that right. I grew up in a world where people would tell me “it’s okay, just act normal” or they’d say “just go with it!” so when I entered high school, I tried joining the Drama Club on my Junior year but I was rejected (Ouch!) but during my Senior year in high school, I was chosen to play Sharpay Evans. And there I knew I had something I could be really proud of. I took the role way too seriously. After that play, my teacher told me that I played it really good and she really did saw Sharpay Evans on stage and in real life. My acting carried on until college — it was amazing but then I never pursued it. 3.1) I do sing. And I rap too. Nicki Minaj & Iggy Azalea style. I’ve only discovered that I could sing when I auditioned at an acoustic rock organization back in college — then again, I was rejected! One girl even told me that “you couldn’t sing!” so after that unfortunate incident, I told myself that I’m going to prove that girl wrong! So I did, I sort of taught myself how to sing and rap. Until one day, I heared my Dad said “You have an amazing voice!” (he heard me singing Adele’s “Someone Like You”) So I went on and on and on until I know I really sound great when I’m singing. And I do. I may have not pursued any of this but I’m so proud of myself for having quite the talent.

P.S. I’ve always wanted to put up a YouTube channel so I can upload my song covers but I wasn’t able to do so.

4.) My ultimate dream is to become a philanthropist and to be a world traveler. I was not born rich, so I know how it feels like when there’s absolutely nothing on someone’s plate; believe me, I’m in a country where you will see people who are less fortunate, people who don’t have anywhere to live but on the streets and so on. Up to this day, whenever I see them on the streets and I have some coins or some food, I’d give it to them because they need it more than I do. I’d like to build a foundation or a charity for them one day. The thought of it makes me happy and I just know that I will fulfill it. 4.1) Who wouldn’t want to travel the whole world, right? Discovering new places, learning a new language, eating/enjoying a country’s delicacies sounds really uplifting to me. I’ve only been in one country outside the Philippines — in China. I was in college, it was an educational business trip for 7 days. And since then, all I ever want is to travel but didn’t had the chance to.

5.) I love parties! Whether it’s a school’s acquaintance party, charity event, annual parties, family brunch, wedding parties — I’ve gone to all of those. Mary is always present! 😀 I’m a wild party girl when I was a teenager up until the time when I found out that I’m pregnant. I had alcohol issues too but I’m very much sober now. Motherhood changed me in so many ways I never thought possible. These days, the only parties that I & Samantha go to are mainly birthday parties — several friends of mine are mothers too. I never imagined going to kiddie parties when I was younger but here I am. Atleast it’s a party, right? 😄

6.) I’m a Born-Again Christian by heart.My whole family and it’s generations back are strictly Catholic — I’m the only one who doesn’t want to be in it anymore. Again, this started when I was in college. A very great friend introduced me to Christianity. I never knew it was something that could really bring me closer to God. My friend, who I call “Ate Che” gave me a wide knowledge about who God really is. She gave a Bible as well. My faith was in action, I pray every now & then. I keep a Bible app too and an app called “Sprinkle of Jesus” I am praying that this year or next year, me and my life partner (he’s a Christian by heart too!) would get to finally be baptized and we’ll be officially Born-Again Christians. *fingers crossed*

7.) I secretly wanted to have 5 kids. (Well now it’s not entirely a secret!) This is probably really ridiculous, but yeah I really do. I wanted to have twins — fraternal twins to be specific 😁 and 3 more. So now I have my first born, Samantha. You guys must be wondering why I want to have 5 kids when I’m only renting a house and my pay is not really ideal to support 5 children — the real reason is that I want to have my own happy big family. The more the merrier right? I have like 6 siblings, I enjoy seeing them whenever I go visit them, I have younger siblings, they’re very cute and all that. 4 kids to go for me, yeah? Haha

There you have it. That’s pretty much the 7 interesting facts about me.

I nominate:
















Hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog post & please do check out blogs of these wonderful bloggers that I nominated.

Til next time,

Mary x


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